Our goals for 2023

Building on the goals we set out last year, we are setting out some new commitments that will be approved at our AGM in April.

Here is what we accomplished in 2022:

  • Become B Corp certified – We are in the final stages of our B Corp certification and expect some news soon!
  • Measure our current impact in the areas of waste, corporate travel, commuting to the office, philanthropy, and community involvement (volunteer positions/hours donated)
  • Use the date to set targets for 2023 in these five areas
    In 2022, we were able to measure our travel, yet found it very challenging to calculate the emissions from our offices, courier use and waste. Technology and industry standards around reporting GHGs are rapidly changing and finding the right balance between the time and effort required to collect the data, and then the cost of offsetting at today’s rates is an ongoing balancing act for any small business. What we were able to calculate, with some granularity, was our commuting and corporate travel footprint, so we are starting with that. Using the data we now have, we will set goals for 2023. We will “overestimate” the balance of our impact when determining the level of offsets that we need to support in order to meet our goals.
  • By year end 2022 commit to offsetting our footprint with carbon credits
    “An offset is not an offset is not an offset”.  We are committed to supporting durable and truly additive solutions to carbon management, and narrowing our focus on GHG offsetting, searching out the appropriate choice for our organization. When we have, we will purchase enough offsets annually to get to carbon neutrality on a Scope 1 and Scope basis.
  • Update the website to communicate our ESG goals
    These will be updated after our AGM in April

On the philanthropy side, we were able to establish a corporate matching program in 2022, which allowed us to double our team’s charitable contributions. This year, we are striving for increased participation from our team, and creating more opportunities for local engagement and greater impact, including providing paid time off to support our team’s individual priorities.

Every year feels like a new start on this increasingly important journey. Bringing our curiosity, empathy and passion for being better in this world we live in is a challenge we are focused on and committed to.

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