Elevating investment banking isn’t only about our clients. Though we know our approach makes for a better client experience, it’s also about making sure Fort Capital fosters an environment in which our team can thrive, personally and professionally. In our business, the hours can be long; we spend a lot of time here, and together. So we go to great lengths to ensure that it feels like a comfortable, kind and even fun place to be. Everyone talks about our offices, which feel a bit like a coworking space, a bit like a newsroom, a bit like the kitchen in a high-end home (the kind with beer and wine on tap). What it doesn’t feel like is a bank, or a boiler room. It’s a place people gather, not because they have to but because they want to. Which is exactly what we had in mind.

Partnership Opportunities

Fort Capital was founded by investment bankers who did their time at the big banks, and knew there had to be a better way. So they created it. If our Brand Story resonates with you—if you too are looking for something, and somewhere, better for the next phase of your investment banking career—you might be a good fit at Fort. We’re always looking for experienced experts with an entrepreneurial spirit to join our ranks as partners. Reach out to our leadership team.

Current Openings

If Fort Capital sounds like the kind of place you belong, please get in touch. You can apply for one of the postings below, or reach out to us at our Vancouver, Calgary, or Toronto office.

Summer Student & Co-op Analyst Application

Fort Capital welcomes Summer Analysts in each of our offices from May to August every year. These positions often give aspiring bankers their first real look at the business and provide valuable resources to our teams. The recruiting cycles vary from office to office, so interested applicants should refer to the information below and their University’s career websites.



Co-op Investment Banking Analyst positions are also available for both Fall (September to December) and Winter (January to April) terms each year. Applications are now open for Fall 2023 (September to December), Winter 2024 (January to April), and Summer 2024 (May to August).