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Who We Are

With offices in Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary, Fort Capital is one of Canada’s leading independent investment banking advisory firms. Our model marries the rigour of the largest investment banks with the nimbleness and common sense of a boutique advisory firm. With us, there’s no need to compromise.

In fact, it’s our mission to elevate investment banking. What does that mean? It means a better experience—and better outcomes—for everyone. For us, it’s about doing the hands-on work we love, with clients we are personally committed to. For you, it’s a handpicked team of experts that’s with you from beginning to end, with a singular focus on making sure your objectives are met—and your expectations exceeded.


Track Record

There’s nothing cookie cutter about us. At Fort Capital, we choose which clients we collaborate with, regardless of size or growth stage. We believe the freedom and flexibility we offer our team is one of the secrets to our success, because it means we get to work on deals we’re genuinely passionate about—and our next-level engagment leads to impressive outcomes for our clients.


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