Our partners work with companies to meet the challenge of raising growth equity capital, working closely with clients to carefully consider the issuer’s needs, current market conditions and risk comfort level. We add value through our experience in and knowledge of the sectors in which clients operate, and our ability to develop, approach and negotiate with an extensive network of targeted strategic, institutional, family office and high-net-worth investors.

Our role is to help clients raise equity capital on better terms, including higher valuations, than they would likely attain on their own, and in ways that will allow them to expand their business or meet other key objectives.

In situations where we are not best suited to meet a client’s needs, we provide candid advice with respect to other options. We identify as “long-term greedy,” which means we consistently build upon our reputation for being confident that our clients will find success when we do take on a mandate—and candid when we know the fit isn’t right.

Equity Capital raising services include:

  • Growth, acquisition and bridge financing
  • Recapitalizations and restructurings
  • Staged liquidity transactions
  • Advice on optimal capital structure
  • Negotiation and structuring of placements


Fort Capital Securities Ltd. (or FCSL) is an “exempt market dealer”, registered with securities commissions from British Columbia through Quebec. Many of our partners are registered through FCSL as “dealing representatives”, allowing us to work with issuers on the placement of equity or debt securities to accredited investors.