Investment banking, elevated.

We’re Fort Capital. From the start, we’ve been determined to approach investment banking differently. We’re an alliance of independent investment bankers, many of whom left the world of big-name banking looking for something better for our clients and for our own careers. Most of us grew weary of spending our days consumed by corporate red tape; bound by policies created with the bank’s interests in mind, and not the clients’.

At Fort Capital, we’re free to do the hands-on work we love, for clients we choose, and our clients’ interests come first. Always. We start every collaboration with one fundamental question: what does our client want to achieve, and how can we help them get there? Then we build them the very best, most strategic team for the job—from our own ranks and from our network of collaborators, across Canada and around the world.

Because it’s not about us. It’s about our clients and the businesses they’ve built, often from the ground up. We align our definition of success with theirs, and doggedly strive to achieve it. And we do succeed—for our clients, on their terms—day after day; deal after deal. We’re known for what we do in part because we’re experienced experts in our field. But more importantly, we genuinely care about each client and every deal we take on. Simply put, we’re all in at a personal level. Because business IS personal, to our clients and to us.

It’s a more rewarding, collaborative and client-centered approach to investment banking. If you ask us, it’s the way investment banking should be.

Welcome to Fort Capital. Investment banking, elevated.


We’re always on the lookout for talented, tenacious professionals who are passionate about collaborating with clients.


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From the beginning, we wanted to do things differently in investment banking. We’ve continued to look for ways to be a better corporate citizen in the world.