From the beginning, we wanted to do things differently in investment banking. We’ve continued to look for ways to be a better corporate citizen in the world, and in 2021 applied to become a B Corp.

While that process is underway, we’ve made the necessary changes to our legal structure and included the required language allowing us to be a Benefit Company in British Columbia.

We have set some modest goals for 2022, which include getting our B Corp certification, measuring our current impact in the areas of waste, corporate travel, commuting to the office, philanthropy, and community involvement.

Once we’ve gathered the data, we will be on a path to find meaningful ways to reduce our current footprint and find alternatives to those daily habits that all add up.

It’s a start. And we are so ready, and so excited to be on this journey.

Becoming a B Corp

What it means for us, and what it means for our clients

Our goals for 2022

We have set some modest goals for this year

Establishing the baseline

Gathering the data