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We have made the necessary amendments to our constating agreements to ensure that we meet the criteria for both the Province of BC, where Fort Capital Partners is registered, and the B Corp organization.

  • We have improved both rigor and transparency regarding management and reporting structures in the company
  • We realigned and revised our job descriptions, clarifying tasks and responsibilities
  • And as we have grown, we now have regularly scheduled strategy and operational meetings

We have developed and published a document we call “The Way We Work”, setting out (among other matters) our business principles, vision and mission, organizational structure and compensation philosophy, as well as the policies that guide our team’s day to day actions.  The process of B Corp certification was a great driver in the development of The Way We Work.


What does this mean for our clients?

We made a commitment in 2014 to do banking differently. And becoming a B Corp fits that pledge, for us.

For our clients, this is our commitment to leadership in our community and a promise that we are putting our values to work, everyday, in a framework that independently tracks and scores our ongoing efforts. For those organizations that are similarly inclined, working with Fort Capital will be aligned with their commitments. Several of our past and ongoing clients are already B Corps, and others are considering their own commitments to ESG initiatives – we are there to support them.

We are your investment banking partner, elevated.

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