We deliver actionable advice with extensive experience across a broad range of sectors, as well as specific technical areas. Our partners’ collective experience allows us to consider a wide range of innovative options in the context of wider strategic objectives. With experience and relationships gained over decades working at larger banks and investment banks, we are then able to advise and guide our clients as they navigate and negotiate with these other, larger financial institutions on capital raising mandates.

How we can help:

Capital Markets Advisory

  • IPO advisory roles, including all stages of an offering from the initial engagement of lead underwriters, development of marketing materials, through to pricing and allocation of an offering
  • Shareholder relations and considering how to address more active shareholder situations
  • Assessment of cost of capital


Credit Advisory

  • First-time negotiation and renegotiation of credit facilities with bank and non-bank lenders
  • Access to and relationships with a broad range of senior, subordinate and mezzanine lenders in Canada and the United States
  • Frontline or behind the scenes: support in negotiation of pricing and all other financial and non-financial terms


Corporate Development

  • Project-based solutions for infrequent, complex corporate finance issues
  • Detailed financial modeling
  • Analysis and sourcing project finance
  • Evaluating and structuring joint ventures
  • Exit planning