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Fort Capital announces CAI’s investment in RebalanceMD

Transaction Details

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Fort Capital Partners is pleased to announce that CAI Capital Partners (“CAI”) has acquired a majority interest in RebalanceMD Canada Ltd. (“RebalanceMD” or “RMD”), a newly formed company that has, in turn, acquired a controlling interest in Rebalance Musculoskeletal Care Ltd. (“Rebalance Victoria”), a Victoria-based clinic centred around musculoskeletal (or “MSK”) care.

Rebalance Victoria operates a 20,000+ sq. ft. clinic, home to highly integrated physicians, physiotherapists, and bracing/orthotic technicians. RebalanceMD has developed and customized advanced systems around patient triage and electronic medical records that serve to optimize patient flow and attention, including the assignment of “Nurse Navigators” to help guide patients through their surgical journey – including pre-surgery preparation – and an active role for patients in their own recovery, utilizing RMD’s online management and reporting tools.

In operation since 2013, RebalanceMD has transformed the experience of MSK service for patients, practitioners and the healthcare authority, Island Health, as it has grown to become Victoria’s one-stop shop for MSK health. As an example, RMD’s highly efficient triage system for patient care and case management has contributed to average wait times for hip and knee replacements that are 30-40% lower in the Island Health region as compared to other regions in BC.

CAI’s investment will provide RebalanceMD with significant access to growth capital for investment into new clinics, initially in BC and Alberta, and, over the longer term, throughout Canada.

Fort Capital acted as advisor to RebalanceMD in review of strategic alternatives and on the transaction with CAI.