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Kinitics Automation Closes Seed Financing Round

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Fort Capital Partners is pleased to announce that Kinitics Automation Limited (“Kinitics” or the “Company”) completed a first closing of a preferred share financing on December 29th, 2023. The participants include prominent venture capital companies, angel investors, current shareholders, and the company founder.
Kinitics Automation Limited is a leader in the development of electrically powered, precision motion control actuators utilizing cutting-edge shape memory alloy (SMA) materials and Bundled Wire technology. Kinitics’ Linear Actuators and Piston Pumps are providing the next generation of automation and process control for multiple industries including the energy, advanced manufacturing and aerospace sectors.
“We were particularly pleased with the positive response from the local angel technology investment community,” stated Dean Pick, Kinitics Automation’s Founder, President, and CEO. “Their enthusiasm validated our belief that our Bundled Wire technology holds significant upside potential for process control automation.”
The funds will support team growth and expedite the commercial roll-out of Kinitics’ innovative valve actuators within the natural gas sector. These actuators play a crucial role in eliminating harmful methane emissions from production sites, thereby aiding the natural gas industry in achieving its greenhouse gas emissions targets.