Maynards has raised $23.4M in financing

Capital Raising
Transaction Details

Fort Capital Securities Ltd. (“FCSL”), an Exempt Market Dealer and wholly owned subsidiary of Fort Capital Partners, has been engaged by Maynards Financial Limited Partnership, as a placement agent to raise funds from accredited investors on behalf of Maynards Financial Limited Partnership.

As of September 2019, FCSL has raised approximately $23.4 million on behalf of Maynards Financials Limited Partnership.


Maynards Financial Limited Partnership (the “Partnership”), is a limited partnership formed under the laws of the Province of British Columbia.  The Partnership represents one of the leading alternative private lenders in Canada.  Maynards Capital Inc. (the “General Partner”), a new British Columbia company owned jointly by Maynards Industries Ltd. and Knightsbridge Capital Partners Inc., acts as the general partner of the Partnership. The General Partner will be responsible for managing and overseeing the business and affairs of the Partnership.

Maynards Industries Ltd. (“Maynards”) are auctioneers and global experts in asset auctions, liquidation and asset valuation appraisal services. Maynards manages asset auctions and asset valuation projects valued up to half a billion dollars from eight permanent offices in Canada, the United States, Europe, Japan and China.  Since 1902, the company has specialized in the asset conversion of commercial inventories and industrial equipment, and has provided comprehensive asset valuation services for collateral-based lending, asset disposition and acquisition. Industry sectors of particular expertise include automotive manufacturing, sawmill, woodworking, pulp & paper, plastic, retail/commercial, mining and metal fabrication.

Knightsbridge Capital Partners Inc. (“Knightsbridge”), an independent Vancouver ­ based financial services company, offers specialised corporate financing solutions to businesses across Canada. From senior term debt solutions to more structured tax planning products, it acts as financial consultant and lender supporting the financing needs of its clients. Knightsbridge has advised and underwritten more than $200 million in financing transactions since 2008 through direct sourcing with its Western Canadian based network.

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This offering remains open to accredited investors who are entitled to purchase securities under exemptions from applicable prospectus requirements in those jurisdictions where FCSL is registered.  Interested investors are encouraged to contact FCSL for more detailed information about the offering.  Please contact Geoff Bertram, Dealing Representative, by email at